Our story

Established in 1986, Flower Power emerged as Egypt’s first floral design house renowned for its flowers and creative displays. With over 30 years of market expertise and a full-fledged team working across Egypt, the one-stop design house offers styling for weddings, themed events and corporate functions as well as visual merchandise and artistic flowers for prestigious hotels and fashion brands.



From a Flower Shop to a One Stop Floral Design Boutique

Flower Power Founder & CEO Malak Taher’s journey into the flower business started 31 years ago. Her passion for flowers has been engraved in her heart and soul since childhood. Her love affair with flowers began when she was a young girl who enjoyed running around in her family’s farm and thought that everything touched by nature was simply magical.

1986, was the year she turned her hobby into a life time passion and business when her brother opened a small flower shop in Cairo and asked her to manage it. Little did she know that the decision to give him a hand would be a life changing experience. When she took over, there were only two people working with her: a florist and an assistant. It was a simple operation and in order to publicize what she was capable of doing and gain more clients, she started by making nice bouquets and offer them to friends.  Most of  Malak’s time was spent learning about the different types of flowers and ways to extend their life, and study the various schools of floral design. She then managed to buy a small van that she used to drive around Cairo with her team to deliver orders.

Between 1986 and 1998, the reputation of a little store was growing and had a small base of loyal clients. The time had come to expand, and the company opened a second store in a more strategic location, easily accessible and more visible. Malak’s dream was to create a salon de fleurs where people would be warmly welcomed, feel comfortable, and find all the flowers, decorations, and accessories they may want, including vases, containers, and cards; in other words, it would be a one-stop shop for all their needs. The concept behind Flower Power was born: it was the first place of its kind in Egypt. As her hobby was developing into a more serious enterprise, her best and loyal friend Mona El Deeb-Marei decided to join forces, becoming an integral part of the company, not only a friend and confidant, but also a true partner without whom she would have never been able to run a successful business. They complemented each other in many ways, and together they were a winning team.


By 2000, after years of hard work and perseverance, Flower Power had become a reputable and respected name. The company signed its first contract with one of the world’s leading hotel chains, and gradually built a large team of employees to meet the increasing demands of their services. By then, the small store had grown into a full-fledged floral design company. Instead of three employees, Flower Power had over 100 employees, including 60 dedicated floral designers and assistants who were amazingly devoted to its artistic business.

“Today, it is fun to remember those early days when I did everything myself: arranging, decorating, and driving.” says Malak. “My company started as a baby that I was carrying; then, I enjoyed watching it as it came to life, and blossomed into a fabulous business. Flower Power has been successful because I have been surrounded by people I love, and with whom I work; I could not imagine going anywhere else or doing anything else.”

The Power of Flowers Today

Today, Flower Power has expanded to three flower stores across Cairo and workshops in Egypt’s leading hotels, turning it into a one-stop shop for all our clients’ floral and decoration needs.

Working with flowers, could also be compared to the art of a poet arranging words to create an exquisite reflection of life. The company strives to provide the best quality flowers, as well as tasteful and aesthetic floral creations. The team is committed to meet and exceed our clients’ highest expectations, and is continuously motivated to innovate and create floral magic. The team tackles all projects head-on, from basic floral designs and retail arrangements; to creating what some may call floral sculptures. These fabulous pieces have made Flower Power’s reputation as an enterprise capable of transforming large spaces into breathtakingly beautiful and strikingly dazzling havens.


“In order to succeed, the element of surprise is crucial; therefore, we never repeat the same theme twice.” explains Malak “First impressions in any event are critical, and must leave indelible memories. The ritual in a pleasing and successful event also involves food, drink, music, laughter, candlelight and dancing, but the decorations and flowers are the main elements in creating a dream-like atmosphere. Table decoration is an art in itself. Flowers are the crown jewel on the table, each of them deserving its own unique attention. It takes real skill to place everything in its right space without crowding a table. While all aspects of an event should match and flow to create harmony,—style, colors, flowers and lights—to create harmony, adding contrast to produce a surprising element is also useful, but must be done gently, so as not to disrupt the total effect.”

Since 2011, “destination weddings” have became popular and Flower Power has organized many in venues located far from Cairo and within the Middle East. We also had the chance to work in the region and beyond by creating Christmas decorations for the Ritz Carlton in Bahrain and the One & Only in the Maldives. Working with leading hotels is an amazing learning experience, and has given us the freedom and flexibility to design and create on a grand scale. Our artistic floral creations are highly praised and have now become a trademark of the hotels. Our objective is to inspire and impress the hotel guests, and make them feel as if they entered a magical world of beauty and refinement.

Flower Power might have started with Malak, however it was built by the hardworking women and men who make up the team, many of whom joined the company without any prior knowledge of flowers or floral design. In fact, several came from rural towns in  Egypt. These brilliant young men moved to the big city in search of opportunities, and a better life. “We discovered in them artists and creators that needed to blossom. Their talent, imagination, and creativity continue to inspire and impress me, and I am grateful for their dedication and loyalty.” explains Malak “They are the backbone and the solid support of our flourishing business. Needless to add that without them I would never be where I am today: in other words, we are one big close family.”