Valentine’s Day


There’s no doubt that roses are special on Valentine’s Day .There are many flowers that will express your feelings. Each flower has a special symbol, especially on Valentine’s Day.


Tulip is the breath of spring as the day is cold and snowy.

Yellow daisies will help on a gloomy day.

Orchids are the symbol of love, beauty and refinement.


But roses are still the most important and popular flower for Valentine’s Occasion, when using them as your messenger.


Red and white roses are the best favorite among lovers. Red is the king of colors in declaration of love, while white color is the symbol of purity, innocence and everlasting love. Red and White together send a great message of unity.


Not only do rose colors have meanings, but the number of sent roses is so important as well.


Let’s know the philosophy of numbers together as following:

Sending one rose means love at first sight, whereas two means you’re already a couple.


Revealing that the odd numbers are an important issue, five means I love you, while nine says your love is eternal.


On the other hand, ten is supposed to be the ideal number for a perfect love, while dozen is considered an outright proposal of marriage. If you need to say sorry, it is better to count to fifteen.


If you take your decision to send exactly 41 long stemmed roses you will express sincere, love and care.


Really roses are considered an ideal way to express your love and romance to your sweetheart.


To ensure that you get the best of the lot, we work in Flower Power with the top flower growers to get fresh Valentine Day roses and flowers directly for your sake, and deliver them to the destination of your choice.


We have presented the highest quality standards, therefore, we are considered to have the best Valentine’s Day flowers online.


Customers can also choose lilies, Orchids and other roses as per your loved ones choice. All our flowers are symbolic of love and purity.



Should I buy flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Statistical studies have proven that 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers; while 88% said a gift of flowers enhances their mood; 83% said they like to receive flowers unexpectedly; 86% said receiving flowers makes them feel special; and 99% said that a person who gives flowers is thoughtful.

Have you ever thought about why red, pink and white are the favorite colors for Valentine’s Day?

These mentioned colors dated back to the Roman goddess of love, as red and white make pink.


Red is usually reserved for romantic, love and pink can be close friends or family members on Valentine’s Day. The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus the Roman goddess, as red means love, symbolic of the heart.


Really roses are special gifts for special people in all occasions.

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Lilies and the special memories

Lilies and Roses

No matter the occasion, flowers in all different types always can be the perfect match to your occasion. Flowers are the best choice to make your day shine and pretty.

No one can deny that flowers play a key role in wedding parties.

Flowers like lilies are one of the most recognizable flowers all over the world. They look so beautiful in bouquets of cut flowers. Lilies have a great long lasting appearance which adds a special kind of beauty among the other types of flowers.

What does Lily Mean?

The word Lily came from the old English phrase “lilie” and the Latin term “lilium” that refers to the flower.


Nowadays, Lily has become a popular girls’ name across the world, Like Susan, Susanna and Suzette.


Lilies carry great symbols behind the gorgeous blossoms.


What do Lily flowers mean?

Lily flowers carry a great deal of meaning associated with love, devotion, purity and fertility. The sweet and innocent beauty of the flower always links the ideas of fresh new life and rebirth.

The above mentioned meanings are standard and related to the lily family. These meanings can alter slightly based on its color.


What are lily colors?

There are five popular colors of lily:

White Lily:

Maybe it is the most popular color. White color specifically is the common that comes to mind when the flower is mentioned.


White lilies are most commonly used at weddings. In the meantime they are a great symbol of strength and support in mourning.


Pink Lily

The color pink stands for femininity, love, adoration and admiration.

Pink lilies are sent as a special gift to close female and family members. They inform women that someone is thinking of them and lending them support during a challenging time.


Red Lily

Red lily is the color of love and passion and the symbol of romantic love for someone.


Recently, they have become common as a romantic gift. They take the place of the classic red rose as a fresh new alternative.


Literally, apart from romantic love, red lilies have become the symbol of hard work and determination.


Of course someone who has achieved a long- term goal such as a university degree or a high school diploma deserves a special bouquet of red lilies especially.


Orange Lily

Orange lily always reflects the refreshing sense of confidence and energy .The bright, bold, show topping color speaks of feeling of warmth and positivity.


It can be gifted to someone who begins a newly job, or moving into a new home or purchasing a new home.


Yellow Lily

Yellow lily has several symbolic connotations as the new beginnings, the sense of freshness, happiness, loyalty and sunshine.

It can serve very well as flowers to say thank you on behalf of its owner. It is the best symbol of friendship, unity and togetherness. Yellow lilies are the best present between friends to show love and appreciation.

Roses the messenger of love

online flower shop

Have you ever thought of dealing with an online flower shop?

Roses are the symbol of love, beauty and joy. Different shades of roses have special meanings that you can gift dear ones on their important occasions. Unique ranges of flower bouquets are the ideal scene to add beauty and happiness to every occasion.

Customizing a set of blooms together to form a bunch of flowers and sending it to your friends, relatives and loved ones online is the source of our joy.


Choose freely whatever you like of  bunches, and send it online to the special person in your life and express truly your inner feelings on different occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine’s Day and many more.


Flower Power is your favorite place to send flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day.


All flower bouquets include colorful Roses, Lilies and Baby orchids. Every online flower arrangement has been quite softly hand tied with a ribbon to enhance the real beauty of each one.


We provide our customers with a seamless experience in making sending flowers and gifts an enjoyable act.


Why Flower Power Store?

We believe in the magic power of roses to create tremendous moments that last forever.

Our mission is to remind people of the sacred and timeless role of roses in our lives that can deliver messages than words.


At Flower Power store we are always keen to create a new scented destination for individuals and corporations as well

Sending flowers to whom you love doesn’t require exerting many efforts; it’s so easy and quick and makes a great difference.

It’s time now, if it is the first time to try ordering flowers online.

The following is the guide to how to purchase flowers online.

First: What is the occasion?

First of all you should choose the right flower for the right occasion.

If you don’t exactly know what flower you want to get, it’s so easy, we will customize your flower bouquet according to your occasion. We have a special flower for each occasion. Just pick the one that best suits what you want to express.


Second: When and Where?

Knowing the best time and place to send flowers online, makes the whole matter very easy.

Set the date and determine place for the flowers to be sent.

So, whatever you order, be assured that we have it delivered on the same day.

Don’t worry and take your time choosing the best gift.


Anything with flowers?

Adding a cute gesture accompanied with your gift is so amazing.


Third: Checkout time

Now! Everything is all set. It is time to fill in some personal data and choose the way of payment.


Finally received

Getting your order delivered is our best part of the day.

Just wish any wish and everything you’re looking for is only by one click, whatever any flower bouquet you want to send to your beloved ones.

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