Valentine’s Day


There’s no doubt that roses are special on Valentine’s Day .There are many flowers that will express your feelings. Each flower has a special symbol, especially on Valentine’s Day.


Tulip is the breath of spring as the day is cold and snowy.

Yellow daisies will help on a gloomy day.

Orchids are the symbol of love, beauty and refinement.


But roses are still the most important and popular flower for Valentine’s Occasion, when using them as your messenger.


Red and white roses are the best favorite among lovers. Red is the king of colors in declaration of love, while white color is the symbol of purity, innocence and everlasting love. Red and White together send a great message of unity.


Not only do rose colors have meanings, but the number of sent roses is so important as well.


Let’s know the philosophy of numbers together as following:

Sending one rose means love at first sight, whereas two means you’re already a couple.


Revealing that the odd numbers are an important issue, five means I love you, while nine says your love is eternal.


On the other hand, ten is supposed to be the ideal number for a perfect love, while dozen is considered an outright proposal of marriage. If you need to say sorry, it is better to count to fifteen.


If you take your decision to send exactly 41 long stemmed roses you will express sincere, love and care.


Really roses are considered an ideal way to express your love and romance to your sweetheart.


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Should I buy flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Statistical studies have proven that 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers; while 88% said a gift of flowers enhances their mood; 83% said they like to receive flowers unexpectedly; 86% said receiving flowers makes them feel special; and 99% said that a person who gives flowers is thoughtful.

Have you ever thought about why red, pink and white are the favorite colors for Valentine’s Day?

These mentioned colors dated back to the Roman goddess of love, as red and white make pink.


Red is usually reserved for romantic, love and pink can be close friends or family members on Valentine’s Day. The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus the Roman goddess, as red means love, symbolic of the heart.


Really roses are special gifts for special people in all occasions.

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