Lilies and the special memories

Lilies and Roses

No matter the occasion, flowers in all different types always can be the perfect match to your occasion. Flowers are the best choice to make your day shine and pretty.

No one can deny that flowers play a key role in wedding parties.

Flowers like lilies are one of the most recognizable flowers all over the world. They look so beautiful in bouquets of cut flowers. Lilies have a great long lasting appearance which adds a special kind of beauty among the other types of flowers.

What does Lily Mean?

The word Lily came from the old English phrase “lilie” and the Latin term “lilium” that refers to the flower.


Nowadays, Lily has become a popular girls’ name across the world, Like Susan, Susanna and Suzette.


Lilies carry great symbols behind the gorgeous blossoms.


What do Lily flowers mean?

Lily flowers carry a great deal of meaning associated with love, devotion, purity and fertility. The sweet and innocent beauty of the flower always links the ideas of fresh new life and rebirth.

The above mentioned meanings are standard and related to the lily family. These meanings can alter slightly based on its color.


What are lily colors?

There are five popular colors of lily:

White Lily:

Maybe it is the most popular color. White color specifically is the common that comes to mind when the flower is mentioned.


White lilies are most commonly used at weddings. In the meantime they are a great symbol of strength and support in mourning.


Pink Lily

The color pink stands for femininity, love, adoration and admiration.

Pink lilies are sent as a special gift to close female and family members. They inform women that someone is thinking of them and lending them support during a challenging time.


Red Lily

Red lily is the color of love and passion and the symbol of romantic love for someone.


Recently, they have become common as a romantic gift. They take the place of the classic red rose as a fresh new alternative.


Literally, apart from romantic love, red lilies have become the symbol of hard work and determination.


Of course someone who has achieved a long- term goal such as a university degree or a high school diploma deserves a special bouquet of red lilies especially.


Orange Lily

Orange lily always reflects the refreshing sense of confidence and energy .The bright, bold, show topping color speaks of feeling of warmth and positivity.


It can be gifted to someone who begins a newly job, or moving into a new home or purchasing a new home.


Yellow Lily

Yellow lily has several symbolic connotations as the new beginnings, the sense of freshness, happiness, loyalty and sunshine.

It can serve very well as flowers to say thank you on behalf of its owner. It is the best symbol of friendship, unity and togetherness. Yellow lilies are the best present between friends to show love and appreciation.